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                                          - Artivism Against Occupation

WEDNESDAY 19TH AUGUST – Natali Cohen Vaxberg

Venue: Norsk skuespillersenter, Welhavens gate 1. 11.00-16.00

Master Class with Natali Cohen Vaxberg.

Presentation of work by Natali followed by conversation about her work, methods and strategies.



Venue: Caféteatret, Hollendergata 8.


18.00. Opening the doors and info by the hosts.


18.30 “One Minute” by Dina Naser.

A short film about the last Gaza attacks.


19.00 Conversation with Osama Zatar about the “OneState Artivism”


19.30 -20.45.  Combatants for Peace/ Ahmad Helou / Ben Yeger.

Presentation of work on the ground with Q & A.


20.50 -21.25   Natali Cohen Vaxberg.

Four short works.


21.30 -23.00: “Artivism – overlapping strategies between art and activism in the struggle against the occupation” 

With Natali Cohen Vaxberg / Dina Naser / Osama Zatar / Ben Yeger & Ahmad Helou (Combatants for Peace). 

Moderator: Marius von der Fehr


23.15  “Revenge” by Taha Muhammad Ali. 

Read by Ronnie Barkan


23.25 “Trans-Fanatic” – excerpts from music theatre piece.

By Frank Havrøy, Eirik Raude and Marius Kolbenstvedt


Venue: Caféteatret, Hollendergata 8.

18.00:  Opening doors. Introduction by the hosts. Trailers for films shown sunday.

18.30 “So wait, the Nakba is …?”

Video by Eitan & Eléonore Bronstein in De-colonizer. Israelis on the street discuss the Nakba.


18.45. “Tiny Souls” short film by Dina Naser.

A Jordanian refugee camp seen from the perspective of its children.


19.00 -20.00 Combatants for Peace. Experiential part.

20.00 – 20. 15 Jasmin Wagner.

Music in dialogue with slides from Gaza.

20.20 Report from Ship to Gaza/Freedom Flotilla III with Q&A.

With participant on “Marianne”, Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Swedish author and journalist

and Norwegian professor and activist Gerd von der Lippe.

20:50  Reading from Max Blumenthals book on Gaza, “The 51 Day War – Resistance and Ruin in Gaza”

Verso Books. (The book will be sold during the festival)

21.00 Skype with Max Blumenthal, American journalist and author.

About the book “The 51 Day War – Resistance and Ruin in Gaza” and address to the panel conversation.

Watch interview

21.30 – 23.00 “From Nakba to the siege of Gaza – a continous anti-colonial struggle?” 

Panelconversation with Ronnie Barkan / Dina Naser / Kajsa Ekis Ekman.

Moderator: Marius von der Fehr

23.15 Dana Jdid & Tareq Abu Nahel – Poetry & Rap


The Wisdom of Conflicts 

Venue: Norwegian Taiji Center. Kirkegata 1-3. 12-16

A Movements Medicine Workshop with Ben Yeger, director of Moving Conflicts and UK rep of Combatants for Peace.                          


Venue: Caféteatret, Hollendergata 8.

Film program

16.10 “One Minute” + “Tiny Souls”. By Dina Naser.

Q & A with the director.


17.00  “In the Pocket of Oslo”. By Tahseen Muhaisen and Rabee Irar. 

Q & A with the director.


19.20 “Roshmia” By Salim Abu Jabal. 

Q & A with the director.

21.00. “Mitt Land” By  Mohammed Alayoubi. 

Q & A with the director

Organizing team: Marius von der Fehr, Angel Robin Fox, Vibeke Harper and Marius Kolbenstvedt in cooperation with Nordic Black Theatre, Palestinakomiteen i Norge, TeaterTanken, WildTracks and New Frontiers​.

“The organizers and participants of this event recognize the comprehensive Palestinian rights under international law. This event is one of “co-resistance” rather than co-existence.”

The festival is supported by Norsk kulturråd, Fritt ord, Palestinakomiteen i  Norge​ and Nordic Black Theatre​.

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